Whats new in Software 7.2

Retailer Customization

  • APEX Promotional Print Placement Option for WMC
  • Update German text for decor panels and move decor panel location for dm
  • Change order of menu buttons at DM
  • Removal of „Print without Receipt“ feature (Europe)
  • Update mobile input screen to include SPE onboarding (DM)


  • Update Wifi workflow based on KPK / Kodak Moments app testing
  • Ability to send welcome slides to retailer stores based on StoreID via cloud services
  • Support for mobile phone input for Copy Service – iOS
  • Enable Kodak Moments Advisor notifications to APEX and MH configurations
  • DL2100 / DL2200 Serial Number Improvements
  • Update Décor panel workflow to use new composition
  • Remove „Friends“ from Facebook workflow
  • Add Support in collage for Retro Designer Templates
  • Print the KAAS Local printing product name on the APEX label
  • Support for Licensed Content
  • Chosen collage designer template remembered when # of photos changes